Announcement: Call for Legacy Case Applications

The HCSA Legacy Task Force is pleased to announce that they are accepting applications for Legacy Cases through 30 June 2019.

Please find here the Legacy Case Review Application Form and the Terms of Reference for the Legacy Task Force, which have been approved by the HCSA Executive Committee. The HCSA Steering Group members and applicants are invited to submit legacy cases and encouraged to forward the invitation to any third-party suppliers with legacy cases in High Forest Cover Landscapes.

The first step of the Legacy case process is to determine whether each case meets the eligibility criteria for acceptance. The full requirements are included in the application form; in summary the case must be in a High Forest Cover Landscape, it must have legal rights to develop the land, a community agreement must already be in place, and the company must maintain a clearance moratorium while the legacy case is processed. While the deadline for submitting the application is relatively short, the information needed in this round is limited and we do not think companies will have trouble presenting the necessary documents in time. Our goal is to discuss the eligibility of each case at the Legacy Task Force during the next SG Meeting week, and then move on to a deeper due diligence process for approved cases.

Kindly submit all applications, documents and/or queries to the HCSA Secretariat at, and refer to this page for latest updates. Thank you.