Announcement: HCS Approach Methodology & Toolkit Revision

First Consultation Period 1st to 28th of March:
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In March 2015, version 1.0 of the High Carbon Stock (HCS) Approach Toolkit was launched, enabling the widespread adoption of the HCS Approach. The Toolkit provides guidance for producers on how to identify High Carbon Stock forests and integrate them with other land use planning approaches such as High Conservation Value areas, the protection of peatlands, and respect for the rights of indigenous and traditional communities to their lands.

The HCS Approach Steering Group is now announcing the commencement of the first revision of the HCS Approach Methodology and Toolkit since its public release in 2015. The revision process will take place in the coming months, with the aim to launch version 2.0 before the end of the year.

As part of the first phase of the revision process, key stakeholders, such as commodity companies and practitioners implementing the HCS Approach, are being consulted on their experience with the Toolkit and Methodology to date. Members of the scientific community will be engaged in the process via the HCS Approach Scientific Advisory Committee. All other stakeholders such as government representatives, NGOs, community organisations, and consumer companies are also welcome to provide feedback. Recommendations from further field trials and new scientific information will also be incorporated in the revision.

On the 30th of March 2016, the HCS Approach Steering Group will be holding an HCS Approach Methodology and Toolkit Revision Consultation Workshop in Singapore. The workshop will be an open session for critical feedback and will also include presentations on proposals for revision based on issues arising from the targeted questionnaires and feedback to date. Any interested parties and relevant stakeholders are welcome to participate in the workshop.

Should you be interested in joining the consultation workshop to provide feedback on your experience or views on the methodology, please contact:

We also invite you to provide your feedback on the methodology by filling in our questionnaire below before the 28th of March, 2016.

General Survey – HCS Approach Toolkit & Methodology Review

The HCS Approach Toolkit Version 1.0 is available here.

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