Announcement: Upcoming HCS Approach Practitioner Training In Bahasa Indonesia

The HCS Approach Steering Group is pleased to announce that the next HCS Approach Practitioner Training is scheduled to take place next month in Jakarta on the 26th-28th of July. The three-day in-person session will be the second training to be held in Bahasa Indonesia, and the second practitioner training to be held in 2016.

Training Objective
The objective of the training is to provide guidance to assessors on the implementation of the HCS Approach assessment process and toolkit. The training is a critical part of the HCS Approach Quality Review Process, and assessors are required to attend at least one training in order to be registered as an approved HCS Approach Practitioner.

Intended Participants
This is not a general introduction to the HCS Approach, but rather a three-day technical training for professionals who intend to eventually lead HCS assessments and oversee the image and forest patch analysis components of HCS assessments. Plantation company staff are welcome if they expect to be deeply involved in the technical side of HCS assessments, for instance satellite image analysis or the overall integration of HCS, HCV, community lands, and other areas into the land use plan.

How to Register
Please find the registration form together with further information on the training here. Any inquiries and/or registration forms may be submitted to the HCS Approach Secretariat at: