Announcing the release of the HCS Approach Quality Review Process and Registered Practitioners

In November 2015, the HCS Approach Steering Group launched a Quality Review Process, which will be followed for all HCS assessments completed by members of the Steering Group, as well as any non-member who requests review. The review process does not require third-party certification, however, companies must engage trained practitioners to conduct the HCS assessment and submit the assessment to a small Peer Review panel. The Peer Review panel’s feedback will then be published alongside a summary of the assessment and any additional company comments, so that stakeholders can enter into a dialogue with companies about the results.

The procedure will be valid through November 30, 2016. The HCS Approach Quality Assurance Working Group is considering changes to the process after this first year.

A list of trained registered practitioners is also now available following two HCS Approach practitioner trainings that were held earlier this year. The first training was held in Bahasa Indonesia in Bogor, Indonesia in August, 2015. The second training was held in English in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in September, 2015. More trainings will be scheduled for the upcoming months across different regions. Practitioners interested in attending HCS Approach trainings should contact for further information.

Registration is tied to the organisation and the registered individual practitioner. Under the HCS Approach Quality Review Process, only Registered Organisations can lead HCS assessments, and the HCS team must include at least two Registered Practitioners. The HCS Approach Steering Group encourages companies committed to implementing the HCS Approach to contact these Registered Organisations to lead HCS assessments.

The HCS Approach Quality Review Process document is now available, and outlines the details and steps of the Quality Review Process.

For additional information on the process, HCS Approach Trainings, and for the list of Registered Organisations and Practitioners, please visit the HCS Approach Quality Review Process page on the HCS Approach website.