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Call for interest: HCS Approach Practitioner Training 2016

In August and September of 2015, the HCS Approach Steering Group organised two technical training sessions for HCS Approach practitioners in Malaysia and in Indonesia. These trainings are a critical part of the HCS Approach Quality Review process, and assessors are required to attend at least one training in order to be registered as an approved HCS Approach practitioner. We are now looking to schedule further sessions for 2016 to ensure that assessors have access to appropriate guidance and an in-depth understanding of how to implement the HCS Approach Toolkit.

We wish to ensure that training sessions are organised according to demand and interest, please send us a non-binding expression of interest to by 15 December, 2015 if you or representatives from your organisation would consider attending trainings organised by the HCS Approach Steering Group.

Meeting held on convergence of the HCS Approach and HCS Science Study

On 6 October, 2015, the leaders of the HCS Approach and the HCS Science Study, and representatives of Unilever, Wilmar, Musim Mas, GAR, Sime Darby, Cargill, Greenpeace, TFT, Union of Concerned Scientists, Forest Peoples Programme, and WWF met in Singapore. The goal was to work together towards agreement on a single clear set of rules for implementation of companies’ commitments to ‘No Deforestation’.

It was established during the meeting that the HCS Approach and the emerging conclusions of the HCS Science Study are convergent in many respects, although with some noted significant differences that need to be further explored.

The group has agreed to run parallel and joint implementation trials of different components of the HCS Approach and the HCS Study proposals in diverse landscapes to see how they compare in conservation and development outcomes and in practicalities of implementation, and to explore the challenges, risks and benefits of applying the carbon neutral approach. These trials are intended to inform further discussions about the possibilities for further convergence or complementarity.

The conversation last week was an important start to the work that will take place in the coming months. The organisations around the table share a commitment to finding a path to a single set of rules for companies that have committed to no deforestation. The group will meet again before the RSPO Roundtable meeting in November to continue these discussions.

A Statement Release is available containing further details on the outcomes and discussions of the meeting.

Sawit Watch, Greenpeace and the HCS Approach Steering Group hold national workshop on community-based forest conservation

A national workshop with the theme “Konservasi Hutan Berbasis Masyarakat di Areal Konsesi: Identifikasi Solusi Permasalahan Sosial dan Pembelajaran” (or “Community-Based Forest Conservation in Concession Areas: Identifying Solutions to Social Issues and the Lessons Learned”) took place on the 2nd of July, 2015 in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. The workshop was held as a collaboration by Sawit Watch and Greenpeace, with the support of the HCS Approach Steering Group.

The idea for the workshop emerged from various discussions held between Sawit Watch and Greenpeace after the RSPO RT12 in Malaysia.

The workshop’s general objective was to understand how community’s patterns or ways of protecting their forest could be implemented by other stakeholders (companies) in their efforts to conserve or protect certain areas in company concessions.

Participants included representatives from social and environmental non-governmental organisations, plantation labour unions, government, private sector, academics, and consultants.

A Report on the national workshop is available.