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HCSA Assessments Infographic (as of December 2020)

HCSA Communications and Claims Guide

This Communications and Claims Guide is a guide to claims that can be made by members and non-members that refer to the use of the HCSA Toolkit when implementing the HCS Approach or HCV-HCS Approach and when using the HCSA Quality Review Process or the High Conservation Value Network ALS system for assessing stand-alone HCSA assessments or HCV-HCSA assessments respectively.

It is also a guide to assist members in ensuring accurate representation and promotion of the HCS Approach and the HCSA SG as well as to avoid any miscommunication to external stakeholders or other third parties. 

HCS Approach Introduction Video 2017 (Bahasa Indonesia version)

HCS Approach Introduction Video 2017

*Please Note: the online version of the HCS Approach brochure was updated on the 1st of December 2016 to fully reflect the outcomes of the HCS Convergence agreement that took place on the 3rd and 4th of November. Printed copies of the brochure may differ.

Webinar Materials

Toolkit Consultative Forum Webinar, 23 April 2015

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