HCSA toolkit

The HCSA toolkit is also available in Bahasa Indonesia and French.

HCSA Social Requirements

The Social Requirements Working Group (SRWG) has reached agreement on the texts for the three remaining draft Social Requirements (SRs), namely, SRs 5, 11 and 13. The SRWG is now seeking approval from the Steering Group (SG) on these texts. While this is ongoing, the documents for Module 2 – Social Requirements and the Implementation Guidance for the Social Requirements, including the sections above remains as draft.

Advice Notes[1] and Protocols



HCSA Strategy and Plans

HCSA Annual Report

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HCSA Steering Group Statements

Quality Assurance
Integrated HCV-HCSA Assessments

Visit the HCV Network ALS Library and use the search function to find the above documents available in Bahasa Indonesia, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Legacy Task Force & Legacy Cases

HCSA Stakeholder Attitudes Survey


Financial Statements

[1] A HCSA Advice Note provides further guidance on HCSA requirements or is an additional mandatory requirement(s) issued by the HCSA Executive Committee. An Advice Note is an interim measure until the matter can be addressed under a completed HCSA formal process.