First HCS assessment completes HCS Approach Steering Group Quality Review Process

The HCS Approach Steering Group would like to congratulate Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad (KLK) for being the first company to complete the HCS Approach Steering Group Quality Review Process. Last week, the Summary Report and Peer Review report for the HCS assessment conducted for KLK’s Palm Bay Estate in Liberia was released on the HCSA website.

The Quality Review Process is intended for all HCS assessments completed by members of the Steering Group, but also welcomes any assessment submissions by non-members who request review. The review process does not require third-party certification, however, companies must engage trained practitioners to conduct the HCS assessment and submit the assessment to a small Peer Review panel. The Peer Review panel’s feedback is then published alongside a summary of the assessment and any additional company comments, so that stakeholders can enter into a dialogue with companies about the results.

Since the launch of the Quality Review Process in November 2015, eleven HCS assessments have been submitted. One has been reviewed, and the results released. One is undergoing Peer Review, and the others will undergo the review process once the assessments are in their final stages of implementation.

To view the peer review results of KLK’s Palm Bay Estate assessment, please visit the Registered HCS Assessments page.

To learn more about the Quality Review Process, please visit the HCS Approach Quality Review Process page.