HCS Approach Application and Trials Dashboard

This table below identifies where the HCS Approach is currently being applied, trialled and being prepared for trials by region, commodity, scale and biome.

  HCS Approach being applied HCS Approach being trialled HCS Approach trials in preparation
Region South East Asia
(Malaysia, Indonesia)

West Africa
(Liberia, Ghana, Sierra Leone & Nigeria)

Central Africa
(Cameroon, Gabon)

(Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands)
Central Africa


Central America

South America

Commodities Oil palm




Oil palm Cocoa
Scale Concessions


Scheme smallholders

Independent smallholders




Biomes Tropical moist forest biomes Tropical moist forest biomes
Ongoing HCSA Trials
No Trial Principle Participant(s) LocationStatus
1. Peat Aware Village and HCV-HCS pilot: Sg Linau, Riau Proforest Sg Linau, Riau, Indonesia Ongoing
2. Achieving no-deforestation palm oil in a smallholder landscape in Chiapas, Mexico Earthworm Foundation Chiapas, Mexico Ongoing
3. Developing a landscape-level HCS and HCV approach in a smallholder context in Tocache, Peru Earthworm Foundation National Wildlife Federation Tocache, Peru Ongoing