Get involved

The Steering Group accepts NGO members, plantation companies, commodity users, smallholder/farmer support organisations, and technical support organisations who demonstrate a commitment to constructively working towards achieving no deforestation and who actively support the HCS Approach.

To be eligible to join the Steering Group, organisations must meet the following requirements:

  1. demonstrate a commitment to constructively work towards achieving no-deforestation and to actively support the HCS Approach
  2. until the HCSA methodology allows it, members do not link in any way the HCS Approach with project-level carbon trading, including in assessments, reports and communications. This does not include government mandated carbon related submissions and registrations

Additionally, commodity or plantation companies must meet the following requirements:

  1. publicly state commitment to halt deforestation and to implement the HCS Approach across operations and supply chains as well as in operations of investments, regardless of shareholding; and
  2. make public, maps of operations, including plantations, forest cover, HCS forest protected and HCV areas, mills, refineries and factories, including through submitting these as shapefiles to the HCSA SG and to the WRI database. Best available maps of peatland will be submitted. These maps are for reference use only; and
  3. actively implement the HCS Approach across operations/concession areas; or
  4. declare a moratorium on clearance of potential High Carbon Stock areas until HCS Approach can be fully implemented

In addition, members are expected to contribute to the cost of running to the initiative, which will be determined on an annual basis. The HCS Approach Steering Group annual member contribution guidelines can be downloaded here.

A membership pack can be downloaded here. It contains detailed membership requirements (including specific requirements for each member category), a Code of Conduct and an application form. The Executive Committee will review applications upon receipt of the official form, and revert with a decision and/or clarifying questions within one month.

Organisations which do not meet the eligibility requirements to be a member can, on invitation, observe and contribute to the work of the Steering Group as part of the Consultative Forum. We also welcome public expressions of support and any assistance in raising awareness of the approach.

Please contact to express your interest in membership or to get involved in the Consultative Forum.