Grievance Case Developments

Date Update Document
16 October 2019 IGP commence deliberations on the grievance.  
19 August 2019 Complainant & Defendant requested to verify there is no conflict of interest by the selected IGP members.    
3 July 2019 Independent Grievance Panel (IGP) members are selected.    
June 2019 IGP Terms of Reference is approved by the HCSA EC.    
3 May 2019 Complainant is updated on grievance status and is informed an IGP will be established to adjudicate the grievance.    
30 April 2019 HCSA secretariat sends a communication to GVL on expected date of submission of GVL’s HCS assessments and receives no response.    
12 April 2019 The HCSA Executive Committee decides that an independent panel will be established to adjudicate the grievance.  
13 Nov 2018 HCSA secretariat & GVL representatives meet and it is confirmed that HCS forests have been cleared and GVL estimates the HCS assessments will be ready by March 2019. GVL follows up by sending HCSA the updated action plan.    
5 November 2018   HCSA clarifies with GAR that GVL is a GAR operation of investment and is within the scope of GAR’s HCSA membership obligations.    
  22 October 2018 HCSA secretariat issues a statement clarifying GVL is not a HCSA member.   Statement
1 October 2018   HCSA publishes its Interim Grievance Resolution Procedure   IGR Procedure
21 August 2018 HCSA sends complainant a commitment to investigate the raised grievance.  
27 July A conference call with HCSA ED, co-chairs and GVL and GAR representatives is conducted on the raised grievance concerns. GVL discusses its action plan published on 20 July 2018.    
25 July The Executive Committee (EC) of the HCSA Steering Group agreed to develop a grievance protocol for assessing non-member grievances.    
2 July 2018 HCSA receives grievance letter on GVL HCS & HCV clearing and FPIC violations in concessions in Liberia from Milieudefensie Sustainable Development Institute and Friends of the Earth USA and link to report ‘High Risk in the Rainforest’ documenting the evidence.