HCSA Peer Review Panellists

The following is a list of individuals who are registered to conduct peer review for HCS assessments.

Peer Reviewers as of 7 February 2018

Peer reviewer Organisation
Agung Wiyono APP
George Kuru Ata Marie
Alex Thorp Ata Marie
Dadan Setiawan Ata Marie
Gabriel Eickhoff Equator Group Ptd Ltd
(Subsidiary: PT Forest Carbon Consultants Indonesia)
Jeremy Ferrand Equator Group PTE Ltd
(Subsidiary: PT Forest Carbon Consultants Indonesia)
E. Abraham Tumbey Jr. GreenConsult
Soloman Wright GreenConsult
Grant Rosoman Greenpeace
Mark Leighton Harvard University
Michael Hansby HollowWood
Anne-Sophie Gindroz Independent Consultant
Ario Bhirowo Independent Consultant
Asep Y. Firdaus Independent Consultant
Bimo Argo Independent Consultant
Ihwan Rafina Independent Consultant
Moe Myint MNRII
Nana Darko Cobbina Proforest
Neville Kemp PT. Ekologika Consultants
Jules Crawshaw PT Hijau Daun
Andiko Sustainability AsM Law Office
Michael Pescott TFT
Dejan Lewis TFT
Dominique Herman TFT
Erith Ngatchou TFT
Tri Sugiyanto TFT
Kimberly Carlson University of Hawaii
David Wilkie Wildlife Conservation Society
Cynthia Chin WWF