HCSA Legacy Cases

Applications for Legacy Cases may be submitted to the HCSA Secretariat during a sole submission period, after which a designated Legacy Task Force will review the case against predetermined eligibility criteria. Cases meeting these criteria will be subject to a due diligence procedure.

Deadline Requirement
30 June 2019

Companies to submit a legacy case review application, with all supporting documentation for eligibility determination to the HCSA Secretariat

31 August 2019 The Task Force will review the applications and their supporting documentation for completeness on a rolling basis. This process may include feedback to the company about incomplete documentation, with an opportunity to re-submit documentation prior to the deadline.

Kindly refer to the HCSA Legacy Task Force Terms of Reference for thorough understanding on the review process. This Terms of Reference and the HCSA Legacy Case Review Application Form can be found on the Documents page here

Kindly submit all applications, documents and/or queries to the HCSA Secretariat at Legacy@highcarbonstock.org