PRESS RELEASE: Strategic HCSA-HCVRN collaboration to strengthen conservation of tropical forests and boost critical values for nature and people

24 September 2020 – HCV Resource Network (HCVRN) and the High Carbon Stock Approach (HCSA) have signed a five-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen their collaboration to conserve forests and uphold community rights in tropical forests. The two approaches can be used together to identify and conserve forests and their values – greatly contributing to efforts to mitigate climate change, build climate resilience, protect biodiversity and ecosystem services, and support livelihoods and respect community rights and cultural values.

The HCS and HCV approaches are cornerstones of corporate no deforestation and conservation commitments for many companies, and increasingly for actors working at different scales. The collaboration aims to further support effective implementation of these commitments through increased uptake of the HCV and HCS tools. For more information, download the complete press release.

For more information on how the HCS and HCV approaches work together see our new joint briefing note Coupling HCS and HCV Approaches to protect forests, biodiversity, and livelihoods here.


The revised Social Requirements and Implementation Guide are now available on the HCSA website link here.

In April 2020, the revised Social Requirements were approved by the HCSA Steering Group and Executive Committee, along with the Implementation Guide.  All 14 of the Social Requirements are now final and are required as part of implementing the HCSA Toolkit. The  Implementation Guide provides advice on how best to understand and apply the Social Requirements.  Indonesian and French versions of the SRs and IG will be added to the website later in 2020. To assist in the implementation of HCSA toolkit , training materials and webinars on key parts of the Social Requirements will be added to  the HCSA website in late 2020 and during 2021.

HCSA SG Annual Membership Fees Upon Resignation

HCSA Steering Group members pay annual fees as part of their membership commitments and contributions to the HCSA initiative. The annual contribution fees are invoiced to organisation representatives at the beginning of the year by the HCSA Secretariat.

HCSA relies heavily of member’s contribution fee to run its operation. The sudden resignation of some of our SG members recently without settling their outstanding fee has disrupted the organisation’s stability and going concern. The ‘HCSA Membership Fee Upon Resignation Guideline’ aims to resolve the problem.

For more information, please download the guideline.

Invitation to Participate in HCSA Latin America Draft Implementation Strategies Survey

The deadline to participate in the survey (English version: here & Spanish version: here) on draft strategies for promoting the uptake of the HCSA methodology in Latin America in order to prevent commodity-driven deforestation of tropical forests has been extended to 14th July 2020. Please contact the HCSA secretariat to request copies of the draft strategies at Thank you.

Draft HCSA Grievance Mechanism published for consultation

The High Carbon Stock Approach (HCSA) is developing a Grievance Mechanism to ensure a timely, independent, fair, and effective resolution of complaints concerning breaches by HCSA members of the HCSA Steering Group Code of Conduct and the application of the HCSA methodology. The HCSA Grievance Mechanism will exist to escalate complaints that cannot be resolved by the grievance mechanisms of HCSA members.

HCSA is conducting a 20-day public consultation of its Grievance Mechanism draft document.

You can download the document using this link. Feedback is welcome from any interested stakeholder. Comments can be made directly in the PDF document or in an email.

Please send feedback and any questions to

Please send feedback by 6 July 2020.

Invitation to HCSA Latin America Implementation Strategies Webinar

You are invited to participate in the HCSA Latin America Implementation Strategies Webinar on June 25, 2020 at 3:00 PM CET.

In HCSA’s global Theory of Change, one of the aims is targeted expansion in Latin America. To support this aim, HCSA commissioned a consultant to assist with the development of implementation strategies for HCSA uptake for key priority countries and/or commodities in Latin America. This webinar aims to facilitate the stakeholder consultation on the draft strategies.  The webinar will be held in English, but participants are welcome to provide feedback/ask questions in Spanish.

Please register here and a confirmation email with the webinar details and draft strategies will be sent to you. Also please feel free to circulate amongst your network and/or colleagues working in the region.

Vacancies: HCSA Business and Financial Planning Consultant & HCSA Financial Management Consultant

The HCSA is looking for a Business and Financial Plan Consultant to work with HCSA’s Executive Director, Executive Committee and in consultation with HCSA’s Steering Groups to produce a comprehensive 5-year business and financial plan (2021-2026).

For more information, please download the Terms of Reference:

The HCSA is looking for a Financial Management Consultant to develop financial reporting and transparency management and systems recommendations and proposals to support further improve its fiscal management and ensure it is well aligned with HCSA’s Global Strategic Business and Theory of Change plans and priorities.

For more information, please download the Terms of Reference:

If you have the relevant experience and are interested in the position, please send in your CV and cover letter to the HCSA Secretariat at by Monday, 27 July 2020. Thank you.

Vacancy: Consultant on Socialisation Materials and Workshop for Smallholders

The HCSA is looking for a Consultant on Socialisation Materials and Workshop for Smallholders. The consultant will work with HCSA’s Smallholder Working Group to develop socialisation materials to support efforts to increase awareness and capacity building among the independent smallholders to facilitate the uptake and effective implementation of the HCS Approach amongst smallholders.

For more information, download the description on the role as below:

If you have the relevant experience and are interested in the position, please send in your CV and cover letter to the HCSA Secretariat at by Monday, 15 June 2020. Thank you.