The HCS Approach Toolkit

The Steering Group officially released The HCS Approach Toolkit Version 2.0: Putting No Deforestation into Practice on 3 May 2017.

This revised version incorporates the latest scientific research, feedback from on-the-ground trials as well as new topics and inputs from working groups of the HCS Approach Steering Group. The new toolkit also presents refinements, additions and important changes to the methodology, as a result of the ‘Convergence Agreement’ between HCS Approach and HCS Study in November 2016.

The toolkit is designed to standardise the methodology and to make it available to all practitioners. We will periodically issue updates to the toolkit, as well as new modules covering how to conserve, restore and monitor HCS forests.

We welcome input for the Steering Group on the implementation of the toolkit across different tropical regions in order to strengthen and refine the methodology. Please sign up for our Consultative Forum to provide comments and feedback.

The Toolkit V2.0 is available as below:

Language Link
English Module 1:
The HCS Approach: an introduction, overview and summary
Module 2:
Social Requirements
Implementation Guidance for the Social Requirements
Module 3:
Integration of HCV, HCS Forest and FPIC
Module 4:
Forest and vegetation stratification
Module 5:
HCS Forest Patch Analysis and Protection
Module 6:
Issues under development in the HCS Approach
Module 7:
Assuring the quality of HCS Assessments
Bahasa Modul 1:
Pendekatan SKT: pendahuluan, gambaran umum dan ringkasan

Modul 2:
Persyaratan sosial
Persyaratan Sosial direvisi pada tahun 2020. SR yang direvisi sedang diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Indonesia dan akan menggantikan versi ini pada bulan September 2020. Sementara itu, jika ada keraguan, silahkan merujuk ke versi bahasa Inggris.

Modul 3:
Integrasi Nilai Konservasi Tinggi (NKT), Hutan Stok Karbon Tinggi (SKT) dan Persetujuan atas Dasar Informasi di Awal Tanpa Paksaan (FPIC)
Modul 4:
Stratifikasi hutan dan vegetasi
Modul 5:
Analisis patch hutan Stok Karbon Tinggi dan perlindungannya
Modul 6:
Isu-isu yang tengah berkembang dalam Pendekatan SKT
Modul 7:
Menjamin kualitas penilaian SKT
French Module 1:
L’Approche HCS : Introduction, vue d’ensemble et aperçu

Module 2:
Exigences sociales
Les Exigences Sociales ont été révisées en 2020. Les SR révisés sont en cours de traduction en français et les remplaceront d’ici septembre 2020. En attendant, en cas de doute, veuillez vous référer à la version en langue anglaise.

Module 3:
Intégration des approches Hautes Valeurs de Conservation (HVC), Haut Stock de Carbone (HCS), et Consentement libre, informé et préalable (CLIP)
Module 4:
Stratification végétale et forestière
Module 5:
Analyse et Protection des Parcelles de forêt HCS
Module 6:
Enjeux actuels liés à l’Approche HCS
Module 7:
Assurance qualité des évaluations HCS

The first version of the HCS Approach Toolkit was released in April 2015 and can be found here.