The HCS Approach Toolkit

The Steering Group is pleased to release version one of “The HCS Approach Toolkit: No Deforestation in Practice”

It is designed to standardise the methodology and to make it available to all practitioners. We will periodically issue updates to the toolkit, as well as new chapters covering how to conserve, restore and monitor HCS forests.

We welcome input to the Steering Group on the implementation of it across different tropical regions in order to strengthen and refine the methodology. Please sign up for our Consultative Forum to provide comments and feedback.

The HCS Approach Steering Group is developing a set of quality assurance requirements for users, and in the interim we ask HCS Approach practitioners to apply the methodology as it is laid out in
the toolkit.

Click here to download the complete toolkit in English
Click here to download the complete toolkit in Bahasa Indonesia

For the individual chapters in English:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: FPIC
Chapter 3: GIS analysis
Chapter 4: Forest inventory
Chapter 5: Conservation science
Chapter 6: Decision tree
Chapter 7: Conclusions & Bibliography

A series of webinars with Q&A was hosted to introduce the toolkit and answer questions from stakeholders. The webinar can be viewed here.

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