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Members 2020 Performance Report

For the first time, HCSA members submitted detailed reports measuring the actions they have taken to implement no deforestation commitments through the HCS Approach during the course of one year.  

This critical new reporting process demonstrates how members implement and promote the HCS Approach through a series of wide-ranging reporting mechanisms – see infographic.   

The findings identified areas of real progress achieved by members in driving no deforestation practices on the ground, as well as areas for improvement and learning.  They also provide clear baselines to measure activities and progress against next year’s reporting. 

All HCSA members submitted reports, which were tailored to relevant membership categories as set out in the HCSA Membership Code of Conduct.

Please see the full report here.

HCSA Drives Home the Urgency of Zero Deforestation on World Economic Forum

Following our international accolade as a ‘Top Innovator of Tropical Forest Commodities Challenge’ presented at COP26, we’ve published our first op-ed article on the World Economic Forum Agenda website.

The Agenda platform reaches across global business and political communities and leaders – key decision-makers.  Our message is clear – the HCSA has UN-endorsed, science-based, proven tools to track and stop deforestation for commodity companies wherever they trade in the world – join us now.  

“The latest IPCC report gives us about a decade to dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions to avoid global climate collapse. The next ten years give commodity companies, supply chains and brands the last opportunity to systematically adopt, champion and deliver Zero Deforestation on the ground.”

Full article here

Do You Have Conservation Expertise?

We’re looking to recruit a pool of peer reviewers of HCSA assessments – a reserve of people to help meet upcoming demand as dozens of registered HCSA assessments are due to reach completion.

Areas of experience needed include tropical forest ecology, forest disturbance and regeneration, forest-related remote sensing/GIS, inventory and statistics, social values, community rights and participatory mapping.  

Upcoming assessments are taking place in countries across the globe and although reviewers work remotely, we are particularly keen to hear from individuals with knowledge of tropical forests in central and western Africa and in Indonesia and from Bahasa Indonesian speakers.  

HCSA peer reviewer and EC member Neville Kemp give a first-hand account of what the work entails and the benefits it can offer:

“If people want to further their career and be known as an expert in forest inventory, the High Carbon Stock Approach is incredibly well respected.  And if you get involved with this work, you’re basically keeping your eyes on the forest – you are conserving the forests in perpetuity.”  

See Nev’s interview here for more information about the work.

Full details of the roles here (ToR) – or contact us directly 

LOOKING BACK ON 2021: HCSA’s A year in review

HCSA a leading Nature-based Solution

At the end of 2021, humanity finds itself at a pivotal point in determining our intertwined fate with that of the planet. The UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) recognised that Nature-based solutions are integral in solving the climate and biodiversity crises along with upholding local and indigenous peoples’ rights and livelihoods and supporting responsible development alongside a just transition towards limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

Recognised as a Nature-based solution by the United Nations, HCSA is deeply committed, with the support and cooperation from our members, partners, and stakeholders, to scaling and accelerating inclusive, integrated, conservation land-use practices to maximise positive impacts for biodiversity, the climate, ecosystem services, and local communities’ livelihoods. In HCSA’s efforts to do so, we would like to share HCSA’s key highlights and developments from 2021, which can be found in the HCSA December 2021 Newsletter.

HCSA looks forward to continuing to cooperate with our members, partners, and stakeholders in 2022 to expand and accelerate the impact of the HCS Approach towards the realisation of the global community’s ambition to end and reverse deforestation by 2030.