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HCSA Communications and Claims Guide

This Communications and Claims Guide is a guide to claims that can be made by members and non-members that refer to the use of the HCSA Toolkit when implementing the HCS Approach or HCV-HCS Approach and when using the HCSA Quality Review Process or the High Conservation Value Network ALS system for assessing stand-alone HCSA assessments or HCV-HCSA assessments respectively.

It is also a guide to assist members in ensuring accurate representation and promotion of the HCS Approach and the HCSA SG as well as to avoid any miscommunication to external stakeholders or other third parties. 

HCSA Awareness Building Materials

These materials have been developed for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) target audience.  The brochure and the PDF slides, available in English and Bahasa Indonesia, outline an introduction to No Deforestation, No Peatland and No Exploitation (NDPE) policies and production practices and how organisations can implement these policies using the HCV-HCS approach.

Webinar Materials

These materials have been developed for a general audience including land-use managers, local communities, supply chain actors, scheme managers, and other interested stakeholders.  The materials introduce the HCSA Toolkit, its Quality Assurance system and provide an overview of the HCSA organisation. 

For parties interested in accessing the PowerPoint versions of these slides which come with presenter notes and updated information, contact the HCSA Secretariat at

HCS Approach Introduction Video 2017 (Bahasa Indonesia version)

HCS Approach Introduction Video 2017

HCS Approach in Brief Video 2021

Other HCSA Communication Materials