HCSA Social Requirements Guides and Training

Implementing the Social Requirements of the High Carbon Stock Approach is a complex process. Each case has unique circumstances and context.

The HCSA has developed open-access resources to provide practical advice and instructions for companies, local communities, land use managers and environmental and social assessors.

An introduction to Social Requirements

A concise introduction to HCSA Social Requirements – a step-by-step guide to each stage of the implementation process.

Implementation Guide for Social Requirements

The Implementation Guide is a key resource with detailed instructions and examples on how to apply the Social Requirements.  It describes the roles, required actions and outputs for all groups involved at each stage of the process. 

It is supplemented by six appendices that focus on specific aspects of implementation:

Appendix 1 – A non-technical summary of the Social Requirements 

Appendix 2 – Social Knowledge – provides further information on the social studies and assessments that need to be conducted at each stage of implementation.

Appendix 3 – Participatory Mapping – how maps are created with local communities identifying features such as customary land boundaries, forest areas used by communities and areas of ecological, economic, cultural and religious significance to them.

Appendix 4 – Benefits and incentives for communities HCS Forests and High Conservation Value areas

Appendix 5Community involvement in conservation management and monitoring

Appendix 6 – Applying to existing operations – how the Social Requirements should be applied to existing developments to make sure rights are being respected

Training Presentations

Presentations covering all stages of Social Requirement implementation – view online and download transcripts.

Introduction: Overview of the Social RequirementsTranscript

Stage 1: PreparationTranscript

Stage 2: Assessment

Stage 3: NegotiationTranscript

Stage 4: OperationalTranscript

Management and Monitoring Agreements

Presentations covering the operationalisation of the HCSA Social Requirement 5: Protecting Food Security and Livelihoods – view online.

Training Presentation 1: Introduction to HCSA Social Requirement 5

Training Presentation 2: Implementation

Training Presentation 3: Social Impact Monitoring

Training Presentation 4: Social Impact Monitoring – Analysis, Interpretation & Reporting

How to Develop and Implement an Integrated Conservation and Land Use Plan – Interim Guidance

One of the main outputs of the High Carbon Stock Approach is to develop and implement an Integrated Conservation and Land use Plan.

Interim Guidance on Developing and Implementing an Integrated Land Use Plan focuses on Stage 3 Negotiation and Stage 4 Operational. It describes how to fulfil mandatory requirements and provides examples of good practice.