The HCSA Secretariat

Judy Rodrigues
Executive Director

Judy Rodrigues is the Executive Director of the High Carbon Stock Approach.  She has extensive experience related to responsible sourcing of agricultural commodities linked to deforestation-risks, multi-stakeholder engagement, forest management certification and conservation.  She holds science and commerce degrees in Natural Resource Conservation and Marketing with a minor in Women’s Studies from the University of British Columbia and McGill University, respectively.

Bryce A. Denton
Part-time Finance Director

Bryce A. Denton is the part-time Finance Director for HCSA of the High Carbon Stock Approach. He is responsible for ensuring HCSA’s financial strategy and its execution supports robust financial growth and management to maintain HCSA as a healthy fiscal organization. He is the founder of Moun10 Partners, a contract CFO and strategy consulting firm with a focus on the outdoor and environmental industries. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and an MSc. in Business Administration with a focus on entrepreneurship. 

Darren Brown
Technical Manager

Darren Brown is the Technical Manager of the High Carbon Stock Approach. Darren’s experience is primarily in forestry certification and due diligence systems for the legal and responsible sourcing of timber and other forest impact commodities. He holds a BSc (Forestry) Hons. from the Australian National University and a double MSc in Sustainable Tropical Forestry from the Universities of Copenhagen and Padova.

Jonathan Byers
Monitoring Platform Manager

Jonathan Byers is responsible for managing HCSA Global Forest Watch Pro monitoring platform.  Jonathan has a diverse background in natural and physical science research, cartography and GIS, non-profit management, education, and digital storytelling.  Most recently he led a National Geographic funded project to study the habitat and behavior of the endangered Matschies’s tree-kangaroo in Papua New Guinea to assist community conservation efforts.  He previously worked on cartography projects for Panthera to provide high-resolution maps for tiger anti-poaching efforts in Malaysia, and for the National Park Service mapping glacier retreat in California and Alaska.  Jonathan holds an MSc. Degree in Geography from the University of Montana.

Natalia Merchan
Development Manager

Natalia Merchan joined HCSA as a Business Development consultant in 2020. She is responsible for fundraising in general and building relationships with new donors. Natalia has over 10 years of fundraising experience with foundations, major donors, institutional and corporate donors. Prior to joining HCSA, she worked with Greenpeace as a major gifts’ advisor raising funds for the forests campaign. She holds an MSc. in Environmental development from the University of Amsterdam. 

Lee Kuan Lih
Finance Manager

Lee Kuan Lih joined HCSA as a Finance Manager in 2020. He is responsible for the company’s book-keeping, budgets, and cash flow control. Prior to joining HCSA, he was a finance manager in Helikonia. He was also in charge of financial matters at Apple Crumby & Fish, a start-up e-commerce platform for essential baby products and had previously worked as an auditor. Kuan Lih holds a Bachelor of Business and Commerce (majoring in accounting and finance) from Monash University, Malaysia. He is also a Certified Practising Accountant as a member of CPA, Australia.

Quality Assurance Officer

Daneetha joined the HCS Approach in 2020 as the Quality Assurance Officer.  She is responsible for supporting HCSA Grievance Mechanism Unit, HCSA trial applications and other HCSA QA work. Daneetha has experience in forest conservation and holds both, a diploma and degree in Forestry from University Putra Malaysia (UPM).

Anis Farhana Wahab
Administrative Officer

Anis Farhana Wahab is the Administrative Officer of the High Carbon Stock Approach.  She supports the HCSA Executive Director, HCSA Executive Committee and working groups on HCSA governance and priority workstreams. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Major in Biology with Minor in Psychology) from Carleton University.

Maisuroh Hasibuan
Quality Assurance Administration Officer

Maisuroh Hasibuan is the Quality Assurance Administration Officer of the High Carbon Stock Approach. She joined High Carbon Stock Approach in 2019 and has been coordinating the Quality Assurance and Peer Review administrative processes. She has experience in river and water-related community projects and agricultural engineering. She earned her Bachelor’s in Engineering (Agriculture and Biosystems) from University Putra Malaysia.

Fitrah Firdaos
HCSA Membership Officer

Fitrah Firdaos is the Membership Officer of the High Carbon Stock Approach. She joined HCSA in 2020 and has been supporting HCSA Executive Director, Technical Manager and Membership Committee (MC) on HCSA Membership matters. She graduated with First Class Honours of Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology from the University of Technology Malaysia, where she double minored in Bio-conservation and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.