Grievance Case Summary

Case Reference:HCSA-GM-2022-01
Grievance Raiser:Musim Mas Holdings Pte Ltd
Member Respondent:Mighty Earth
Date Complaint(s) Submitted:22nd December 2021
Date Complaint(s) Accepted:13th May 2022
Location of Complaint: N/A
Case Status:Active
Grievance Allegation(s):Breach of:
i. HCSA Membership Requirement Code of Conduct Version 2 dated 20/12/2016  – Page 6 
Grievance Resolution  
“Members will seek to resolve grievances directly with other member organisations in a timely fashion and will not make unsubstantiated allegations of breaches against other members.” 

ii. HCSA Communication and Claims Guide dated 28/01/2021 – Page 11 
Communications Risk Management  
Members will – normally in advance of publication – share information to the affected member and the HCSA secretariat on external communications on HCS Approach-related issues or other issues that may indirectly impact the reputation of HCSA or other members directly.

Grievance Case Timeline

DateEvent / ActivityDocument
22 Dec 2021HCSA receives grievance letter and complaint form from Complainant
28 Jan 2022Complaint deemed Complete by HCSA Grievance Unit
13 May 2022Complaint is formally Accepted by HCSA Grievance UnitComplaint
20 May 2022Member Respondent notified of the accepted complaint
20 May 2022Complaint record and case tracker published on the HCSA website
20 June 2022Member Respondent’s Response to the Complaint received by the Grievance Unit (To be updated)