Grievance Case Summary

Note: This grievance case was receive prior to the launch of the HCSA Grievance Mechanism and was investigated under the HCSA Interim Grievance Resolution Procedure.

Case Reference:HCSA-GM-2018-01
Grievance Raiser:Milieudefensie, Sustainable Development Institute and Friends of the Earth USA
Member Respondent:Golden Agri Resources (GAR) linked to its operation of investment company Golden Veroleum (Liberia) Inc. (GVL)
Date Complaint(s) Submitted:2nd July 2018
Date Complaint(s) Accepted:21st August 2018
Location of Complaint: Liberia
Case Status:Active
Grievance Allegation(s):HCS & HCV forest clearing
Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) rights violations

Grievance Case Timeline

DateEvent / ActivityDocument
2 Jul 2018HCSA receives grievance letter on GVL HCS & HCV clearing and FPIC violations
25 Jul 2018EC agreed to develop a grievance protocol
21 Aug 2018HCSA commits to investigate the grievance
1 Oct 2018HCSA Interim Grievance Resolution Procedure publishedIGR Procedure
5 Nov 2018HCSA clarifies that GVL is a GAR operation of investmentStatement
12 Apr 2019EC decides an independent panel will be established to adjudicate the grievance
Jun 2019IGP Terms of Reference is approvedIGP ToR
16 Oct 2019IGP commence deliberations on the grievance
20 Aug 2020GVL responds to HCSA Final Grievance Report
Oct 2020IGP reviews & submits response to GVL’s feedback
17 Dec 2020EC draws conclusion on case and creates EC Conclusion document
13 Jan 2021EC Conclusion document communicated to complainant and defendantEC Conclusions
4 Feb 2021‘HCSA_GM_2018_01_GVL_GAR Grievance Case Final Report’ uploaded on HCSA WebsiteReport
16 Mar 2021IGP and HCSA Secretariat draft a Gap Analysis comparing the IGP conclusions & recommendation with GVL Sustainability Action Plan
17 Jun 2021IGP prepared the first Excel Timebound Plan Template
17 Nov 2021IGP created the new Timebound Plan Framework to address gaps within the first Timebound Plan Template
Nov 2021 – Jun 2022The new Timebound Plan was developed and improved by the IGP and the HCSA Secretariat via several rounds of online review and meetings based on inputs from Complainants and Respondent
1 Mar 2022HCSA Secretariat published the EC approved the HCSA Restoration and Remediation Guidance – Version 1 Guidance
23 Jun
HCSA Timebound Plan Framework for the GVL_GAR Grievance CaseFramework