HCSA Social Requirements Training Materials

Guide for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities   

The Social Requirement Briefer provides a concise, step-by-step guide to each stage of the HCSA implementation process for Indigenous Peoples, local communities and civil society organisations.

It ensures community rights and land rights are respected and that local workers are not exploited – click the image above to download.

Training Videos

The following training videos are based on the 14 Social Requirements (SRs) and the Social Requirements Implementation Guide. They have been prepared to assist those new to the Social Requirements (SRs) and those wanting a refresh to understand the key aspects of implementing the SRs.  

The first training video introduces the SRs. The next four training videos present the main stages of applying the SRs. These are followed by training materials that explore key aspects of the SRs, including social aspects of developing conservation plans, and grievance and redress procedures. Additional training videos will be added in the future.