The HCS Approach Toolkit Version 1.0

The first version of the HCS Approach Toolkit was released in April 2015.

Version 1.0 of the toolkit is available as below:

Language Link
English Complete Toolkit V1.0_Eng
Toolkit V1.0 Chapters 1-7_Eng
Bahasa Indonesia Complete Toolkit V1.0_BM
Toolkit V1.0 Chapters 1-7_BM
French Complete Toolkit V1.0_French
Toolkit V1.0 Chapters 1-7_French
Portuguese Complete Toolkit V1.0_Portuguese
Toolkit V1.0 Chapters 1-7_Portuguese
Spanish Complete Toolkit V1.0_Spanish
Toolkit V1.0 Chapters 1-7_Spanish

A series of webinars with Q&A was hosted to introduce the toolkit and answer questions from stakeholders. The webinar can be viewed here.