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This page contains a list of all the interesting articles, reports and videos documenting how HCSA playing its part to conserve tropical forests, tackle biodiversity loss and respect the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities.

Article / Report Title / VideoDate of PublicationPlatform
What has the pandemic done to forest policies? (commentary)23 Dec 2021Mongabay
These 5 entrepreneurs are protecting tropical forests through sustainable trade9 Nov 2021World Economic Forum
Indigenous Peoples' Rights, Global Climate Policies and Finance2 Nov 2021Forest Peoples Programme (FPP)
Ferrero’s New Palm Oil Charter Infographic3 June 2021Ferrero
Ferrero unveils its new palm oil charter3 June 2021Ferrero
Chocolate giant funds high resolution carbon map to protect forests1 June 2021Mongabay
Artificial intelligence against deforestation10 May 2021Barry Callebaut
Belgium-sized swath of forest faces the chop from Indonesian palm oil7 May 2021Mongabay
The Chain: New High Carbon Stock Approach Rules Key to Transforming the Palm Oil Sector16 Feb 2021The Chain
Roadmap to Deforestation-Free Cocoa in CameroonJan 2021IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative
The Africa Palm Oil Initiative: Highlights 2019-2020Dec 2020Partnerships for Forest
Palm oil assessment summaryNov 2020Sustainability Policy Transparency Toolkit (SPOTT)
High Conservation Value (HCV) Screening – Guidance for Identifying and Prioritising Action for HCVs in Jurisdictional and Landscape SettingsOct 2020HCV Network
Replicating a Sustainability
Initiative Across Sectors and
Geographies: HCSA’s Experience
in the West African Cocoa Sector
Sep 2020Partnerships for Forests
Landscape Scale Action for Forests, People and Sustainable Production – A Practical Guide for CompaniesSep 2020Tropical Forest Alliance
GPSNR Policy Framework for Sustainable Natural Rubber Production and Sourcing23 Sep 2020Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GSPR)
Motion 12 – The fight against imported deforestation1 Sep 2020International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
Research shows potential for zero-deforestation pledges to protect wildlife in oil palm21 Jan 2020Phys.org
Film: Developing land responsibly using the High Carbon Stock Approach29 Nov 2019Earthworm
Musim Mas mill becomes first in the world to clear RSPO P&C 2018 in quest to make sustainable palm oil the norm29 Oct 2019Bakery and Snacks.com
Nearly Half of Companies With Deforestation Risk Aren’t Addressing It10 Jun 2019Ecosystem Marketplace
High Carbon Stock Forests, Cocoa, and the Fight Against Climate Change29 Apr 2019World Cocoa Foundation
With clock ticking on 2020 deforestation pledges, 5 ideas for sourcing palm oil sustainably27 Feb 2019Greenbiz
What makes a zero-deforestation commitment effective?24 Jan 2019Global Canopy
Towards zero deforestation31 Dec 2018United Nations Environment Programme
RSPO certification standards undergo major review: Top expert takeaways from the ‘most consultative review process ever’19 Nov 2018Food Navigator Asia
RSPO adopts total ban on deforestation under sweeping new standards16 Nov 2018Mongabay
CM: Sabah palm oil 100% RSPO certified by 202517 Nov 2018BorneoPost
Tougher palm oil rules agreed amid polarising debate over crop16 Nov 2018Al Jazeera
New palm oil standard safeguards workers and forests16 Nov 2018Food & Drink International
RSPO adopts ‘transformative’ new sustainable palm oil standard15 Nov 2018Food Navigator
New Palm Oil Sustainability Standards from RSPO Adopt ‘High Carbon Stock Approach’15 Nov 2018Environmental Leader
RSPO members agree on new palm oil standard15 Nov 2018Malay Mail
RSPO proposes new standard for greater smallholder inclusion14 Nov 2018The Edge
Stratégie Nationale de Lutte Contre la Déforestation Importée (National Strategy to Combat Deforestation)14 Nov 2018French Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition
ZSL report finds palm oil companies lacking clear sustainability targets6 Nov 2018ZSL SPOTT
Continental releases Sustainable Natural Rubber Sourcing Policy16 Oct 2018Continental website
FSC Guidance for Demonstrating Ecosystem Services Impacts9 Oct 2018Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
Global Investors Urge RSPO for Stronger Standards13 Aug 2018Sustainable Brands
Partisipasi Swasta Masih Minim untuk Dana Hutan25 Apr 2018Harian Kompas
TFT Video on the HCS Approach17 Apr 2018TFT
Implementing ‘No Deforestation’ Commitments in West Africa: Guidance for International Actors19 Mar 2018Proforest website
Bridgestone Commits to Zero Deforestation Policy7 Feb 2018Tire Review
Victory! Bridgestone, World’s Largest Tire & Rubber Company, Announces End to Deforestation, Land Grabbing6 Feb 2018Mighty Earth
Rainforests: the year in review 20174 Jan 2018Mongabay
Why Tropical Rainforest Deforestation Still Matters – And What You Can Do About It20 Dec 2017RAN Website
Banking on a Low-Carbon Future: A Ranking of the 15 Largest European Banks Response to Climate Change7 Dec 2017ShareAction Website
RSPO And HCS Approach Steering Group to Formalise Dialogue on ‘No Deforestation’ Guidelines for Inclusion into RSPO Standards22 Nov 2017RSPO Website
More big mammals found in high-carbon forests, says new study15 Nov 2017Mongabay
High Carbon Stock forests provide co‐benefits for tropical biodiversity6 Nov 2017British Ecological Society
Interview on HCSA with Grant Rosoman on Cameroon national television, STV News26 Oct 2017STV News Youtube Channel
Deforestation briefing: Fresh hope in battle to save the orangutan from palm oil27 Aug 2017Ethical Corporation website
Deforestation Briefing: Sustainable Palm Oil Solution Sought in Africa10 Aug 2017The Colonial Chronicle
The long and winding road to sustainable palm oil3 Aug 2017Forests News, CIFOR
Ferrero to map 100% of its cocoa supply to farm gate by 20182 Aug 2017Confectionarynews.
Deforestation briefing: Sustainable solutions sought for fast-expanding palm oil in Africa27 Jul 2017EnvironmentGuru
Deforestation briefing: Sustainable palm oil solution sought in Africa27 Jul 2017Ethical Corporation website
Transforming business as usual in Indonesia: an interview with Aida Greenbury17 Jul 2017Mongabay
High Carbon Stock Approach blog writing competition21 May 2017Makassarbaik.com
Global methodology protects areas17 May 2017Koran-sindo.com
Industry-NGO coalition releases toolkit for making ‘No Deforestation’ commitments a reality on the ground11 May 2017Eco-Business
Industry-NGO coalition releases toolkit for making ‘No Deforestation’ commitments a reality on the ground10 May 2017Mongabay
In Liberia, a battered palm oil industry adjusts to new rules10 May 2017Mongabay
Release of HCS Approach Toolkit Version 2.09 May 2017RSPO website
Deforestation prevention, carbon stock review must involve indigenous community8 May 2017Gatra.com
Protect tropical forests for biodiversity8 May 2017FokusKini.com
Care more for environment through HCS Approach8 May 2017Kadungcampur.com
Presence of HCSA Toolkit 2.0, provide guidance for environmentally friendly action6 May 2017Kokogiovanni.com
Industry and NGO coalition launch toolkit to protect forests5 May 2017Pelangi.or.id
NGO coalition and industry agree to apply global method to prevent deforestation 5 May 2017Gatra.com
Industry and NGO apply global non-deforestation method4 May 2017Republika.co.id
Global methodology to implement ‘No Deforestation’ in practice4 May 2017Investor Daily Indonesia (id.beritasatu.com)
Global methodology towards No Deforestation4 May 2017Balitribune.co.id
New toolkit for forest identification4 May 2017Kontan.co.id
High Carbon Stock (HCS) Approach, innovation on forest conservation4 May 2017Suarakarya.id
New tool to prevent deforestation launches in Bali4 May 2017Koranjuri.com
High Carbon Stock Approach toolkit updated4 May 2017TFT website
Industry and NGO coalition launches HCS Approach and Toolkit Version 2.0 to protect forests3 May 2017Baliekbis.com
HCSA launches joint method to protect forests3 May 2017Antarabali.com
Launch of HCS Approach and toolkit version 2.0 3 May 2017Deteksipost.com
Launch of updated High Carbon Stock Approach Toolkit3 May 2017Proforest website
Global methodology for No Deforestation launched3 May 2017Indopos.co.id
Global methodology to apply No Deforestation in practice3 May 2017Greenpeace website
HCS Approach to stop world deforestation3 May 2017Kabarnusa.com
Industry and NGO coalition launches HCS Approach and Toolkit Version 2.0 to protect forests3 May 2017Metrobali.com
Global methodology to apply No Deforestation in practice3 May 2017Metrobali.com
Launch of HCS Approach & Toolkit Version 2.03 May 2017Cybertokoh.com
Industry and NGO coalition launch toolkit to protect forests3 May 2017Faktabali.com
HCS Approach Toolkit launch at Jimbaran, a breakthrough on forest conservation3 May 2017Sanurpost.com
Global methodology announced for putting No Deforestation into practice3 May 2017Rainforest Action Network website
New Global Methodology for Putting ‘No Deforestation’ Into Practice3 May 2017Partnerships for Forests website
Global methodology announced to put No Deforestation policy into practice3 May 2017Musim Mas website
Launch of the High Carbon Stock Approach toolkit V2.03 May 2017Helikonia website
HCSA creates guidelines for tropical forests3 May 2017Hijauku.com
NGO Attacks Pepsi’s Palm Oil Sourcing and Links to Deforestation, Human Rights Abuses1 May 2017TriplePundit
The Pulp and Paper Industry Can Play A Role in Stopping Deforestation19 Apr 2017TriplePundit
How a palm oil company is fighting slash and burn culture11 Apr 2017Eco-Business
What is sustainable palm oil?23 Mar 2017Eco-Business
Show support for forests on the International Day of Forests21 Mar 2017Edie.net
Reports Praise Corporate Progress on Deforestation, But Much Work Lies Ahead15 Mar 2017TriplePundit
HSBC to stop financing deforestation-linked palm oil firms3 Mar 2017Mongabay
Olam pledges to stop clearing forest in Gabon for a year after NGO pressure27 Feb 2017Eco-Business
Olam, US green group agree to collaborate on forest conservation and sustainable agriculture22 Feb 2017Straits Times
NGOs dismiss IndoAgri sustainability policy as “corporate window dressing”22 Feb 2017Eco-Business
NGOs: Key Palm Oil Players Are Still Linked to Deforestation and Human Rights Abuse17 Feb 2017TriplePundit
Korindo has violated deforestation ban, NGO reveals16 Feb 2017Eco-Business
Good year, bad year: 2016 was challenging for RSPO; Will it fare better in 2017?8 Feb 2017Foodnavigator.com
How your company can get serious about responsible palm oil26 Jan 2017GreenBiz
The real impact of palm oil and failed policies23 Jan 2017Euractiv
Korindo declares forest clearing ban in wake of NGO pressure13 Jan 2017Eco-Business
Korean company bans forest clearing for Indonesian palm oil concessions12 Jan 2017Mongabay
The top 5 food and agriculture stories in 201627 Dec 2016Eco-Business
Olam defends against attack on its palm oil practices in Gabon12 Dec 2016Straits Times
Is the new HCS approach a deforestation breakthrough?5 Dec 2016Innovation Forum Podcast
APP auf der UN-Klimakonferenz COP 22 in Marokko – Wertermittlung von Wäldern ist der Schlüssel zur Erreichung der Klimaschutzziele von Paris16 Nov 2016prmitteilung.de
One way forward for No Deforestation commitments16 Nov 2016CSR Asia Weekly
Hope for Forests at COP 2215 Nov 2016Ecologist
Forest Value Must Be Defined To Implement Paris Agreement14 Nov 2016Blue & Green Tomorrow
GVL Welcomes High Carbon Stock Convergence Agreement10 Nov 2016Liberian Daily Observer
Industry, NGOs agree to single approach to eliminating deforestation from palm oil supply chain10 Nov 2016Mongabay
Industry, NGOs agree to single approach to eliminating deforestation from palm oil supply chain10 Nov 2016Eco-Business
Agreement Reached on ‘No Deforestation’ Standards for Palm Oil Companies9 Nov 2016TriplePundit
Greenpeace Taps Big Data and Collaboration to Halt Deforestation7 Sept 2016TriplePundit
Greenpeace France’s reaction to Michelin Zero Deforestation Commitment13 June 2016Greenpeace website
Morgan Stanley Report: ASEAN Plantation & Commodity Traders: Sustainable & Responsible – ESG Valuation Opportunities27 Apr 2016Morgan Stanley
Palm oil’s new frontier: averting a Great Ape catastrophe in Cameroon1 Apr 2016Mongabay
Making ‘no-deforestation’ a political win-win for Indonesia10 Mar 2016Eco-Business
Sabah to test high carbon stock for sustainable oil palm14 Dec 2015Eco-Business
A new business model for palm oil?16 Oct 2015Eco-Business
Sustainable Palm Oil Manifesto Group’s High Carbon Stock forests study would continue business as usual, environmentalists say16 Oct 2015Mongabay

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