Indigenous & Community Rights

Companies and others using the High Carbon Stock Approach are committed to ensure that their own operations and those of their supply chains do not exploit indigenous peoples, local communities or workers.

Tilap village in Central Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia.

Embedded in the High Carbon Stock Approach are 14 Social Requirements based on international human rights norms. They protect the rights of those who depend on tropical forests for food, shelter, energy, medicine and livelihoods. This includes the right of indigenous peoples and local communities to give or withhold their consent to any new development. 

14 HCSA Social Requirements

The Social Requirements apply to all proposed new developments or planned expansion of existing operations.

Companies are required to respect indigenous and traditional community rights through a process of mandated actions set out in the HCSA Toolkit. The objective of this work is to produce a land use and conservation plan that makes clear who has what rights and responsibilities in each area of land – with detailed plans to optimise conservation, livelihoods and commercial production with full respect for the rights of affected communities. 

How are HCSA Social Requirements applied?

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