Social Requirements Toolkit

Most areas being considered for agricultural development and expansion are already inhabited by people with rights, priorities and values.

The HCSA’s Social Requirements as set out in  Module 2 of the HCSA Toolkit help to ensure that the people affected by these developments have a decisive voice in determining what happens in and around their lands.

Module 2 was trialled in pilot operations and revised and adapted based on input from rightsholders and stakeholders before being finalised.

It has two parts:

Section A sets out the full text of the 14 Social Requirements and describes the context for their application (pages 4-27).

Section B focuses on the steps companies must take to ensure they respect communities’ rights to their land and to Free, Prior and Informed Consent at all stages of implementation.

Free, Prior and Informed Consent requires developers to engage with communities in specific ways. These include consulting and agreeing on how to work together; deciding who will be involved in participatory mapping and assessments; how information sharing and two-way communications will work; how advisers and third parties are involved; and how community meetings and negotiations are conducted.

Please also see frequently asked questions on applying Module 2 of the Toolkit.