Restoration and Remediation Guidance

Photo: Paul Hilton / RAN©

This new guidance sets out the HCSA principles and criteria for ecological restoration and social remedy for wrongly cleared and/or degraded HCS forests, HCV areas, peatlands or community lands.

It stipulates minimum guidelines to ensure ecological restoration and social remediation packages are credible and have the best chance for long-term success.

Developed in collaboration with the HCSA Steering Group and Executive Committee and the High Conservation Value Network (HCVN), the guidance identifies three core principles:

  • Restore to the highest level of ecological recovery
  • Social remedy must respect Free Prior Informed Consent processes and is established with cooperation of affected communities
  • Long-term restoration/remediation management and monitoring plans are established and well resourced

The guidance will be trialled over the next two years with implementation support from the Secretariats of the HCSA and the HCVN.

Please find the Guidance here and contact for more information.