HCSA Integrated Conservation Land Use Plan Guidance & Trials

The HCSA has published Interim Guidance on the development and implementation of Integrated Conservation and Land Use Plans (ICLUP). An ICLUP, one of the main outputs from the application of the HCS Approach, builds on the results of an HCV-HCSA (or HCSA) assessment to formalise plans that optimise conservation, livelihoods, and commercial production where there is Free, Prior and Informed Consent to development proceeding, and to respect the rights of local communities that have said no to development on their lands. Developing an ICLUP is intended to avoid and mitigate conflicts with local communities by formalising community validation of, and agreement to, final land use plans before operations begin. Validation of an ICLUP ensures that the Organisation or developer and all affected communities have a shared understanding of different land uses, management and monitoring activities, and the rights, roles, and responsibilities of different stakeholders in the concession and surrounding landscape.

The document provides guidance for Organisations developing land for commodity production on how to develop and implement an HCSA ICLUP with a focus on: Stage 3 Negotiation and Stage 4 Operations of the HCS Approach. The guidance relates to both: 1) How to fulfil mandatory requirements and 2) ‘Good practice’ recommendations. The guidance is aimed primarily at the Organisation’s staff and is also relevant for service providers who may assist in the development and/or implementation of the ICLUP on behalf of the Organisation. The publication of the Interim Guidance ensures that can be accessed and inform other stakeholders involved in the HCS Approach, including civil society organisations working with affected communities and rightsholders, and government agencies.

The document has been approved by the HCSA Steering Group and Executive Committee as Interim Guidance, with a plan for the document to be finalised and re-published in early 2022. During the interim period, it is intended that the guidance will be trialled by HCSA members, and the HCSA will develop a quality assurance process to provide oversight and determine if ICLUP’s are developed in accordance with the HCSA’s requirements and guidance. The HCSA welcomes any input on this document. If you have feedback that you would like to share, please contact the HCSA Secretariat at info@highcarbonstock.org.