New HCSA Grievance Mechanism

The HCSA has published a new Grievance Mechanism (HCSA GM). The HCSA GM outlines the process for ensuring a timely, independent, and effective resolution of complaints against its members for allegations of breaches of the HCSA Steering Group Code of Conduct or the application of the HCSA methodology.  

The HCSA GM exists to escalate concerns that cannot be resolved between the relevant parties, or when the resolution proposed by the HCSA member is not recognized as a mutually agreed outcome by parties affected by the implementation of the HCS Approach. It was developed to be in line with the UN Guiding Principle on Business and Human Rights, such as being accessible, predictable, equitable, transparent, provide for continuous learning and dialogue, and ‘rights-compliant’, meaning it should ensure outcomes and remedies accord with internationally recognised human rights.  

More information, and the HCSA GM itself, can be accessed on its own webpage