HCSA Grievance Mechanism Complaint Form

HCSA Grievance Mechanism_Complaint Form
If 'Yes', the Grievance Raiser will be required to demonstrate that the Member’s GM was unable to resolve the complaint, or that the resolution proposed by the Member does not have the mutual agreement of the Parties affected by the implementation of the HCSA. Alternatively, the Grievance Raiser may demonstrate that: i) The Member does not have a GM that allows for a Complaint for the alleged breach; ii) The Member does not have a GM that provides for the remedy sought; iii) The Member’s GM is inconsistent with the UNGP requirements for a non-judicial GM and such inconsistency, precludes a just and fair remedy in this case; or iv) The filing of a Complaint before the Member GM would place the Grievance Raiser (or those he/she represents) vulnerable to threats of violence and retaliation.